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Surface Mount


Stick-On Surface Thermocouples
A4A Series

Innovative thermocouple design gives fast surface temperatures (up to 400°F) for almost any surface.

Spring-Loaded Ribbon Thermocouples

Spring-loaded thermocouples for in holes (vibrating or moving surfaces).

Bolt-Down Thermocouples

Quick, easy, and accurate with all thermocouple calibrations including types E, J, K, N & T.

Washer Thermocouples

Easily installed and accurate measurements for most any surface temperature requirement.

Ribbon Thermocouples Exposed

Fast response ribbon element for surface or gas measurements. This flexible design can be attached or mounted to almost any surface.

Ribbon and Weldable Tab Thermocouples

Designed for attachment to surfaces; these thermocouples offer easy configuration. Available in thermocouple types E, J, K, N & T.


Spring-Loaded Magnetic Thermocouples B6 Series

This spring-loaded thermocouple is design for use anywhere good surface temperatures of a magnetic surface are required.


Heavy Duty Weld-Tab
B4 Series - Limited Space

This heavy gauge weld-tab thermocouple is designed for use in limited space, where long-term surface measurement are required.


Heavy Duty Weld-Tab
Thermocouple B4 Series

This heavy gauge weld-tab thermocouple is designed for use where long-term surface temperatures are required.

Rub & Contact Thermocouples

Designed for rotating drums; these thermocouples come in any calibration to include thermocouple types E, K, J, N & T.

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