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Industries Served

Power-Gen (including Nuclear)

This industry demands the most robust, long lived and reliable temperature sensing RTDs and thermocouples like our A33 series and many other options.


Critical, reliable, robust, complex and clean are just a few words to describe these key elements of the temperature sensing system for processing wafers and the related steps of the creation of the circuits. A typical thermocouple is our “profile TC”.


Long lived, reliable, sealed assemblies for critical performance in many environments, explosion proofed, designed to reduce downtime, are just a few considerations for this application. Our K6 series is one example.

General Industry

Customized products to accommodate and provide widest choice for length, depth, atmospheres, mounting, extension wire, connectors, controllers, data loggers are a few options that give the designer and the user the most choice. Our A14 series is only one example.

Aerospace & Defense

These require production testing including helium leak, NIST calibration, thermal shock, insulation resistance and hermetic seals. Typical TCs are: bearing sensors (E11 series), compressor discharge (various configurations) and air inlet A8E series are just a few examples for this challenging area.


Melt, flow and pack temperatures determine the quality and strength of the injected polymer. Our series C8A is one example.

OEM Furnaces

Since the applications for these furnaces can vary from industry to industry, the control and critical temperature accuracy determines success; the manufacturer needs to provide their customer the most choice, a variety of Nanmac TCs and RTDs are used. A typical A12 for high temperatures and A8 are choices with the full flexibility of customization available.

Heat Treat/Thermal Processing

Exact and predicable performance required, atmospheres can be challenging, value of product in furnace is high, a typical A12 with special sheathes and a coating is used to extend life and give accurate and responsive measurements.


A variety of applications require a variety of solutions. Our TCs & RTDs feature FDA compliant connectors and steel terminal heads; multiple connector feed throughs (like the K6), for chamber profiling, steam autoclave sensors, sanitary flange thermowells (A27), etc.

Engine Testing

Our EGT thermocouples come in many sizes both straight and angled. They are robust for direct over the road use on the diesel or natural gas fired engines; are also customized for use on dynamometer test stands and are direct replacements for the OEM types.

Food & Beverage

Typical devices used in this application are stainless steel, sealed and capable of withstanding the sterilization and chemicals used to clean the processing kettles and ovens. They are inexpensive and highly reliable devices. Our type I6 & I7 RTDs are a good example.

Oil & Gas (including Flare)

Many of these applications require rugged, accurate devices and systems with the ability to operate remotely with little maintenance. These include our high pressure and Inconel sheathed devices that work well in the extremes encountered in the 'oil patch'. Our A14 and A8s combined with our thermowells along with various RTDS types I6 & I7 are just a few of these robust temperature measuring systems.


Fine wire, clean, sterilizable and capable of working in small areas like minimally invasive applications. Sensors down to a wire size of 40AWG have been developed and deployed for very small measuring and control like cauterization temperature control, etc.

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